Oh Honey

After waking up from a strange shared dream in which Kastariel killed Ruza and Ella in a blaze of glory before getting thrown in a fire pit by Carrie, the Nightglades set off into Trollbark Forest.

They spotted markings along the trees which lead them to a large oak tree. After answering its questions, it opened up a staircase that took them below ground level. The group came face to face with a talking door with the word ‘honey’ etched into the wood above it. Despite many attempt, the door wouldn’t open. After about an hour or so (and some minor breakdowns), Ella tricked the door into saying the password – honey. They then walked into a corridor with a force field around the door. Ruza successfully answered the riddle that was posed, leading them into another room with a statue of a mermaid holding a sand timer. Upon their entry, the timer began to start, leading Kastariel to press the reset button in haste. After they decided to let the timer run, the statue shifted to reveal a guarded the corridor.

The Nightglades quickly ran in and dealt with the guards before finding an intricately carved door with ocean and pirate imagery on it. Ruza again answered the required riddle and the door swung open.

A large mess hall greeted the Nightglades. Many people were eating and drinking while casting them curious looks as the women approached the throne at the back of the hall with a mysterious figure in it. As they approached they saw tiefling who soon introduced herself to be the Beer Baron’s wife.

The Doll House

When approaching another town, the Nightglades happened across a seemingly lost eladrin named Ella. They invited her to join them for the evening, feeling oddly compelled to stay in the town.

After much deliberation and a fight with some hell hounds, the group happened upon a tower where they found two small children – a boy and a girl named Marcus and Lily. Ella managed to convince them that they were kind and here to help, once the group discovered that the town they were in had been destroyed during the Spellplague and was only here as the siblings had brought it back to life through their magic.

Marcus explained how a woman had arrived and given them both a ‘special drink’ before disappearing. It heightened their powers and had kept them from ageing, but now it was beginning to take a toll on him and his sister.

Ella and Kastariel managed to heal them through a mixture of arcane and nature knowloedge before the siblings dropped their magic, revealing the ruins that they actually stood in. Marcus and Lily thanked the group before summoning their hell hounds once more and running off into the forest.

Looking back to the edge of the town, the group saw the beginnings of Trollbark Forest and decided to continue on, now joined by Ella.

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Squirrels and Potions

After accepting the Beer Baron’s mission, the three of them began to head south towards Trollbark Forest. One their way down, they passed through a village which was having trouble with their well water, mutating their animals (as proven by an experiment ran on Kastariel’s new pet squirrel – Percival (R.I.P). Befriending a farmer named Greg, who had promised them payment if they could get to the bottom of this, the Nightglades decided to climb down the well and investigate.

Upon reaching the bottom of the well, the group found no water, but a small set of dungeons tunnels. While exploring they found what appeared to be a list of ingredients, as well as a large quantity of potions, and a vat of liquid a similar colour to the Beer Baron’s tainted beer. After this, Percival succumbed to the effects of the enchanted water and Kastariel was forced to mercy kill him.

Nearing what appeared to be the end of the dungeon, the group encountered a group of Kobolds, defending a room. A long fight ensued, ending with Carrie unconscious on the floor before the Kobolds shut and locked the door. Bringing her back round, the group then ransacked the dungeon for potions before unlocking the door. When they entered the room they found nothing but the furnishings and scrap pieces of paper.

Making it back to the surface, they informed Greg of what had happened, and received their payment. They then decided to head off and carry on their journey.

10 Gold and a Party

Walking along the Traders Way, Kastariel and Ruza were attacked, but found help from the stealthy Carrie. Deciding to band together until at least Baldur’s Gate, the three happened upon a tavern near Daggerford that was celebrating the return of the Beer Baron with a beer festival. After joining in the festivities, it came to light that the Beer Baron had been attacked.

After the three helped him survive the ambush, he hired them as a security detail back to protect him on his way home. When there, it was revealed that one of his mills had a goblin infestation. Once the three dealt with that (finding some suspicious liquids and a possible sabotage plot along the way), the Beer Baron threw them a party before hiring them once moe to retrieve a lost arcane artefact that once belonged to his house keeper – Meredith.


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