Yllella Harpsorcerer

Burdened but brutal.


Name: Yllella Harpsorcerer
Race: Eladrin
Class: Wizard


Born in a small coastal village, Yllella along with her younger brother, Pan, were raised by their two eladrin parents – Elena Harpsorcerer (formally Faywater) and Bratan Harpsorcerer. Both were followers of the goddess Mystra, and so had encouraged their two children from a young age to follow in the divine and study in the arts of arcane magic. Unlike their Elvin brothers, who abide to their innate spirit of uncovering the ancient mysteries of their world, their settling had allowed for them to focus purely on the art; dedicating most of their childhood towards practice and prayer.
However, love had caught early for young Yllella. Amarion – a fellow eladrin wizard who worshipped Mystica – had merely paused his travels to collect provisions for the next phase of his journey. However, the two soon became accustomed to one another, and Amarion was compelled to stay. They wed young, but the pull of adventure still burned for Amarion. Convincing his wife took time, but the more he had spoken of the great gifts the world had to offer, the more the wanderlust that ran in her blood became apparent.
For decades they traveled in harmony; researching and unlocking the elements as they went. It was during this time Yllella became accustomed to Illusionary magic in particular; able to weave the two to safety when faced with danger.
Yllella had fallen ill for a short-time on their journey; enough to stop their travelling in a woodland town. Upon closer examination, her symptoms paralleled with only one thing: pregnancy. The two were happily content with the news, and decided to begin travelling back to Yllella’s coastal village to celebrate and settle among their people; as tradition set in her family.
Before the couple could do so, the dreaded spell-plague hit the world, and ripped the earth to shreds. Many wizards perished; some dropped to the ground like rocks and withered into themselves, others slowly perished under the limits of their arcane source. As for Yllella, she finally awoke many moons after the catastrophe; without husband, or child. From spokespersons, the last sighting of Amarion had been by her side, before he crumbled to ash beside her. As for her child, her body had barely enough energy to survive for her own needs, and was unconsciously sacrificed.
A world weak of the arcane magic she had known and practiced – but not entirely dispelled from her world – she had somehow survived. However, without her beloved family to support her, she suffered many psychological battles of guilt and self-loathe.
Decades passed by, and Yllella remained in the same town that she and her beloved had resided in before the plague. The people had been gracious to her; healing and harnessing what little intention of life Yllella had left in her. Her physical strength healed quickest; though it took some time for her to mentally grasp her story. Joyful memories of Amarion slowly returned without the unbearable remorse, and what she remembered most were their days spent giddy in adventure and love for the world. Not wanting to betray the man she had fallen for, Yllella decided to take to the road once more, ready to finally bear the full brute of her past and fulfill the aspirations of her family and lover past. She aspires to restore her wizard powers lost during the spellplague. To fulfill this motivation, Yllella is set to find artifacts, and other who possess magical potential, to help her excel in the world that her loved ones were taken away from.
Yllella can be hit with anxiety attacks without warning; triggered mostly by heirlooms of her people or of memories of her past lover. The only symbol which brings her peace is the symbol of Mystra; wearing it as a headdress that dangles from her forehead. In times of need – either for her own mental state or for her spell-casting – she can be found resting her fingers upon the jewelry and mumbling quietly.
Though born of a race solely known for their poise and logical thoughts, her time travelling among other races has grated on her quietude. Foolishness will often show without intention; both from her mouth and from her actions. Yllella needs admission from these vulnerabilities if she is to trust her companions. Once a relationship is established between her and another, there is little that can break that bond. Mindfulness, kindness, and patience are her finest traits, and her favourite past-times are studying the arts of arcane magic, palm-reading, and meditation.

Yllella Harpsorcerer

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