Kaldoris Beargloom

Pirate of the Sword Coast


Name: Kaldoris ‘Kallie’ Beargloom
Age: 47
Race: Tiefling
Class: Druid


Kaldoris grew up on the seas with her parents and learnt how to captain a ship from a young age. She was essentially raised for the life. The tiefling always knew her parents were pirates – they didn’t hide that from her, but they weren’t bad people. No drugs or murder, just simple finding artefacts and selling them on for a profit. Sometimes there ways weren’t savoury and many times they were illegal. She even helped as she got older, but they weren’t bad people.

She was 25 and finalising a retrieval job with Meredith that Kallie met Alvin Beargloom. He wasn’t much younger, about 23. It was only two years later that they got married and Kallie bought her own ship to help with Alvin’s beer deliveries. It was quicker, they could spread their reach and Kallie could help her parents with the odd job on her way. Alvin even bought another ship – more of a merchant ship than one meant for traversing the seas for the hell of it. Kallie had a crew, two jobs, a loving husband, and the promise of a family one day. Everything was great.

Then, 18 years later, her parents ship went down and the crew who sunk it came after her and Alvin. They knew that she knew that she knew thing about her parents treasure and her name had gotten round the coast. There a battle off the coast of Baldur’s Gate. It was long and hard fought. Alvin even got his merchant ship and tried to help. She lost some of her crew and she could see Alvin’s ship 10 feet away from where she was standing. It wasn’t fairing any better. Kallie watched as he kicked a man square in the chest and then turned to smirk at her. This moment of distraction cost her a stab in the gut and she fell hard onto the wooden deck of her ship as she heard Alvin scream her name.

The captain of the other ship – the woman who had killed her parents – kept her alive (barely) and locked up for 14 months before Kallie managed to rile some of her remaining crew that the captain hadn’t killed and take back the ship. She knew that Alvin thought she was dead. That was the first thing the captain would say to her everyday before she would torture her (for sport and for information). Kallie would get back to him but she had to find herself first.

Any theories or suspicions you have about him can go under here, but feel free to update the top half with any factual information you find out about him! – BB

H: WE COULD HAVE BEEN FRIENDS!!! cries 5ever Though badass af I am still mindful that she is still hiding from our gorgeous AB, and I don’t quite know why. Alvin is a cinnamon roll and needs protecting.

Kaldoris Beargloom

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