Merther Holdal

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Name: Merther Holdal
Age: 28
Race: Halfling



Being the eldest of his siblings, Merther found himself with the great honour of being passed the family shop upon the untimely death of his grandfather. While the shop had been around for a while, it had not made its name or even really cemented its place in Baldur’s Gate – until now.

Over the past five years, Merther has worked tirelessly on his little family shop and managed to gain a reliable base of loyal customers, as well as draw in the odd group of adventurer’s as they pass through. He knows almost everyone in the Trader’s District of Baldur’s Gate, befriending Kastariel‘s parent’s as their shops are quite close in location.

Impeccably dressed and ever charming, Merther is always happy to strike a deal and ensure his customer’s leave happy.

During the Nightglade’s first venture to Baldur’s Gate, they happened across Merther’s shop and struck up a sponsorship deal with him. He kindly gives them a 40% discount on the good in his store while they promote is shop on their travels. If asked, he will go out of his way to procure trickier items the group may need, and will outsource any ingredients for potions if necessary. Any clothing item the group buys from him bares the Holdal’s Hordes logo.


Any theories or suspicions you have about him can go under here, but feel free to update the top half with any factual information you find out about him! – BB

H: Daddy

Merther Holdal

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