Tall, Dark and Evil


Name: Mikhail
Age: 32
Race: Human
Class: Unknown


Seems to be behind the disappearance ofKastariel‘s family and is known to have struck a deal with her father in relation to their shop in Baldur’s Gate.

Kidnaped the Nightglades and had them held in a dungeon on an island just off the coast of Baldur’s Gate, but as they escaped to confront him, he disappeared.

Is missing his penis thanks to Kastariel – or has he had one healed back for him? No one knows.

Any theories or suspicions you have about him can go under here, but feel free to update the top half with any factual information you find out about him! – BB

H: Has got loan shark written all over him. This asshole needs to be exterminated; limb by limb.


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